Feb 26, 2012

Earthshine Moon Necklace

Just leaving this here for the people that are searching for earthshine moon necklaces :)

I will soon have 6 more silver, and 4 more brass/gold in my shop :)
Check back in about 2 weeks!
~kelly xo

Feb 24, 2012

New things

Trip to the bead store with my love yesterday!
(hes on vacation from work)

I was hoping to get more of the moon and star pendants but they were out of stock..
I found them online though, so I'll soon have 6 silver ones, and 4 more gold ones in my shop.

I did get a nice pentacle which I made into this triple goddess necklace

and some other fun charms as well..

Pyrite cubes and glass crystals

Swarovski hearts in chrysolite or mint opal and a color that I would call lavender milk tea :)

and some amazing mermaid crystals that I can't wait to work with :D

Im also quite eager to get back to making more weird necklace art!
My dino necklace is off to a new home so Im craving to get into my trinkets and go crazy

sent off a bunch of packages that were delayed since last week and having the windows done
and showing off my new hello kitty knee tattoo that Im in love with :)

Hope to be posting again soon with many new creations!
~kelly xo

Feb 18, 2012

New windows, new currency...

So we finally got the notice on monday that our windows were going to be done on thursday..
time to round up the trinkets and send them to safety...

Got everything covered in plastic, made plans for Craig to stay home so we could build a fort in the kitchen
and camp out for the day with the heater, pillows, sleeping bags and the dog

At 8am the foreman came to put up the tarps ..

and 20 minutes later, a flurry of workmen came in and smashed the windows and ripped out the frames

balcony door

the bathroom
my studio looked so funny with one whole wall missing

the worst damage was in Craigs studio... but they came in and fixed it the next day

I was so eager to get everything back to normal , it only took about 24 hours

Im so happy to have my studio space back ...
Craig is on vacation this next week. We're going to try to get down to the bead store for more brass moon pendants and gold chain. I'll let you know about those since some people have contacted me asking about them :)
After that I will be working on Fairy boxes and another Fairy Apothecary diorama

Im also making some changes to my etsy shop on April 1st
I will be switching the currency from US dollars to Canadian.
~EDIT: This never happened... its just easier in USD~

I'll keep you posted, for now Im going to go have a nap because Im exhausted from all this moving..

Feb 15, 2012

Back to normal sooooon!!

Tomorrow is THE day that Ive been waitng for...
finally getting new windows!

I just cant wait to have my studio back to normal ..
start decorating for spring and get some new stuff stuff up in the shop!

Feb 8, 2012

Fly Away Bird necklace and pin

I finally listed the piece that really started it all
(or actually a new version of it)
Once upon a time, in June 2011, we took our dog to Woofstock..
A photographer lady came up to me and asked if she could take our picture together
and then she started asking me about my necklace...
(this is a print screen of her site, and I added the text, I dont own this image..)

I had been making and selling my stuff to friends, family and friends of friends,
(paypal checkout codes for each and every item... I dont even want to think about it)
I had never tried selling online...

This is a new version of the necklace I was wearing (mine is pink, so it matches my hair)

A laser cut bird mirror, with a hanging birdcage..

The bird is simply pinned to the necklace, so you just remove it when you want a brooch instead!

~kelly xo

(ps. never ever give up on your dreams... Ive been slinging beads since 2004, and even though I havent seen massive sales or big fame and success, I am so happy to still be doing what I love... thats the only reason you will fail - if you dont put your heart into it)

Feb 6, 2012

Snow White and the poison apple diorama

I've been secretly working on this one for about a month now..
A custom order Snow White diorama

lets see if we can name all the dwarves (honestly, I forgot Doc, I thought he was happy)

This is Doc...






and of course Grumpy

At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the inside, so I got the DVD from the library and watched it agian... I knew right away once I saw the Queens apothecary...
(no wonder I turned out like I did!)

Skull, books, pet crow, crystal ball..

a cauldron filled with green poison over a real flickering fire pit

Poison apple and the sword from the heart box

a sneaky rat watching from below ( and a jar of lizard legs)

I wanted to make it look like a very old book, so I painted it in many layers and then sanded it down. Its lined with metallic gold paint just like the vintage books I remember

and on the back cover, a picture of the far away castle where her prince is..

This was a fun challenge, I had never thought to do a Snow White diorama... I was flooded with ideas that I didnt get to put into practice (like the heart box that the queen has)
Maybe in the future...
~kelly xo