May 24, 2012

Tarot Altar Diorama & Alien friendship painting

I made another 'occult' themed diorama :D

My inspirations were the following images;
a neon Psychic sign with crescent moon

and a page Ive been saving from an old magazine,
a picture of a turquoise table.

Ive also been pulling things off my own walls and altar to put into my work..

et voila!

my favorite part - the little mini tarot cards on the table :)
They are actually my deck of cards,
the Reflections Tarot deck

planet stickers, crystal ball, Buddha face,crystal quartz,
purple skull with third eye, pink lotus flower, bismuth, dolphin conciousness statue...

unicorn poster and mermaid goddess wall hanging..

there is so much good stuff crammed into this one, it wont even close ..

and it looks so cute beside my old Occult Crystal shop!

..the occult diorama post is HERE

aaaand I just have to show you the painting my friend Salem did for me that arrived yesterday..
Its ME as a glittery alien babe!
<3 Thank you, my Pleadian sister!
in case you forgot what I look like...
standing under the gorgeous Wisteria blossoms <3
Love to you all!!

~kelly xo

Another Fairy Apothecary..

Never too early to be Halloweeny
Or maybe I jumped the gun because I missed making them...
Either way!!

This apothecary features lots of little animal specimens..

in the bottles we have 'frog eggs' snake bones, turtle scales, cicada wing and a sacred feather.

and of course, the Fly Agaric, Toadstool... Fairy tale Amanita Muscaria mushroom

and a secret hidden key... but with that big black spider guarding it...
well, you'll have to get it for yourself! :S

this one is on etsy HERE

you can view the previous fairy apothecary posts HERE & HERE
Thanks for looking! :D

~kelly xo

May 17, 2012

Lisa Frank Birthday Cakes and Rainbow Bugs

Photo dumping~ enjoy these colorful pics from the last 2 weeks!

Birthday cake by mom ( a week b4 my bday)

Birthday Cake by meeee

It was supposed to be an octopus.. but this pan just refuses to work for me :(

Makin wishes....

This... is just so awesome.
You'll have to see the listing for all the details... but Im just so excited for someone to get this! :D