Sep 20, 2012

Walks + Rocks

Another weekend, another hike..
another hauling of my crystals into the forest to take pictures ;)
And also something very cool..
I got to knock over a tree!

We were walking by a new spot, and saw this completely dead stump
 16 feet tall, 4 feet around .. rotted out at the bottom
Mr. Boy Scout suggested we knock it down.. and that turned into me knocking it down.
I swayed it a little at first, felt it snap off underground
a couple more sways and it was down!

 G stands on it triumphantly
On to the rest of the forest to bathe my crystals in the stream

Can you spot Craig in this pic? A falcon couldnt, or at least it wanted a closer look at Grissom
because right after this photo it swooped down not 10 feet above their heads!
the colors of fall

Mushrooms and Amethyst crystals

 delicate little patches of moss

 my mountain man, growing his beard all year for charity..

little raccoon prints


 and on our way home, the cutest thing, a chipmunk up a 6 foot stalk of the 
Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum) munching on dried heads

I brought some moss home from the Bleasedale boulder a couple weeks ago, 
I need more moss in my life :)

 and here are some pics of my altar 

 and some of my crystal/stone/mineral/bug/butterfly collection

Gorgeous Moonstone Triple Goddess Moon necklace
Everyone has been asking about the version with the round pendant...
I am working on sourcing them again... 
Should have some available before Christmas! :)

The version online right now looks like this

and a jar of sunshine! This one is sold out right now, but I will be getting more in Oct.

Labradorite Moons are coming!

Stay beauty-full! <3