Nov 22, 2012

Holiday 2012 Sale!!

From now until monday night, get 20% off in my etsy shop!
If you've never used etsy before, its free to sign up, and you dont need
a paypal account to buy anything, you can use your credit card via the paypal checkout system.

At the point where you go to review your order, click on 
"apply shop coupon code"
and type in
 and it will apply the discount :)

Two suns ... and many moons

did a little re-arrange with the space.. now I have a blank(ish) wall to use as a backdrop for photos

always a mess...

enjoy your family today :)
~kelly xo

Nov 19, 2012

Giveaway time!

So my computer died... 
and summer is over so Im depressed..
not much to say these days, just been working hard on re-arranging my studio 
and getting necklaces made for the shop..

but enough about that...
 how about a giveaway!!!!
Im giving away a Triple Goddess Labradorite Moon Necklace